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*To support members in living a more conscious and aware life, in developing higher awareness within every area of their life through sharing our experience, learning, wisdom and insight about using our daily life as the path to higher awareness. * We are a growing community of people who are interested in cultivating our energies, talents, creativity and awareness through living a more conscious, energy-aware, life. Our discussions focus on energy-cultivating techniques, applied talents, energy-aware healthcare or real awareness of any other real-life issues arising from living a life dedicated to expanding awareness and the challenges of making choices to support our ascending energy and awareness. Although we tend to avoid religious, philosophical or theoretical debates that don't directly pertain to our day-to-day lives, we endeavour to address a wide-range of issues in a practical and informative way, accepting different points of view and always with the intention to be of service. Anyone who is interested in using each moment of their daily life as an opportunity to develop their awareness and expand their consciousness is welcome to join us. The content presented in this forum is for information only and is not a substitute for any form of professional care.
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  • The Shendo Way of Life forum
    Welcome to the Shendo, the private support and sharing forum for members of of the Way of Life ( ) Community. This is the meeting place for shendo practitioners who are participating in the Way of Life online training. Information and conversations about living with energy awareness can be found at Please post here only topics related to your Way of Life practice and related life issues.
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  • Shendo Feng Shui
    This Energy Awareness forum is for discussion of Shendo Feng Shui questions, applications and practice.
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